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Business and professional activity

Malgorzata Paszyn, MSc Eng, Architect-Creator - graduate of Architecture Department of Wroclaw University of Technology - master's thesis in 1984,

1998 granted architect-creator status in the field of architecture
1998 qualified in the scope of architectural design involving ancient monuments
member of the SARP Polish Architects Society
member of the Wielkopolska County Chamber of Architects

activities in the field of architecture:

1993-1999 (two tenures) chairperson of the  SARP Polish Architects Society in Kalisz received a silver SARP badge for involvement in the society activities
from 1996 member of the Kalisz Town Council for Strategy Development
from 1998 member of the Kalisz County Commission for Urban Development and Architecture
from 1999 member of the Kalisz Friends of Science Society
from 2005 collaboration with the reators of Architecture Foundation in subsequent years 2005, 2006, 2007 - organised and sponsored celebrations of architecture days in Kalisz called the Kalisz Architecture Forum

professional activities, charity and society work:

from 1991 sponsor and member of the Council of Foundation named after Kazimierz Paszyn supporting youth sport development between 1985 and 1989 employed at Rural Areas Building Design Office in Poznan, from 1987 in the position of architecture team manager
from 1989 self-employed at own design office
member of a joint stock company board of directors
member of management board of housing cooperatives
from 1998 vice president and from 2006 president of the ALINA Housing Cooperative
from 2001 vice president of the Kalisz Literature Society